About us


SEED Foundation is a locally-registered NGO in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. SEED’s mission is to protect, empower, and support the recovery of survivors of violence and others at risk.

SEED is committed to delivering quality and holistic approaches, combining international expertise and local know-how to achieve results for the people of Iraq and Kurdistan.

SEED’s programming
focuses on four key objectives:

1) the delivery of transformational, comprehensive MHPSS
services including case management, mental health, and legal services, as well as psychosocial
support activities;

2) strengthening the capacity of service providers through education,
training and capacity-building programs;

3) promoting policy and social change to strengthen
the rights of, and protections for, vulnerable groups and individuals; and,

4) supporting the
protection and recovery of survivors of trafficking, including through SEED’s shelter for victims of trafficking and those at risk, after care services, and prevention work to reduce the risk of trafficking through public awareness, technical assistance, and advocacy for legal, regulatory, policy, process, and institutional changes. 

Our Team