Operations Manager

Posted On:28/01/2022
Job Title:Operations Manager
Type of Position:Full-time
Length of Contract:12Month(s)
Compensation And Benefits:Competitive salary and benefits commensurate with skills and experience. National Compensation package.

Erbil, Iraq

About Seed Foundation:

About SEED Foundation: SEED Foundation is a locally-registered NGO in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. SEED’s mission is to protect, empower, and support the recovery of survivors of violence and others at risk. SEED is committed to delivering quality and holistic approaches, combining international expertise and local know-how to achieve results for the people of Iraq and Kurdistan. SEED’s programming focuses on four key objectives: 1) the delivery of transformational, comprehensive MHPSS services including case management, mental health, and legal services, as well as psychosocial support activities; 2) strengthening the capacity of service providers through education, training, and capacity-building programs; 3) promoting policy and social change to strengthen the rights of, and protections for, vulnerable groups and individuals; and, 4) supporting the protection and recovery of survivors of trafficking, including through SEED’s shelter for victims of trafficking and those at risk, after care services, and prevention work to reduce the risk of trafficking through public awareness, technical assistance, and advocacy for legal, regulatory, policy, process, and institutional changes.

Role Of The Job Title:

The Operations Manager will oversee the operations of Admin, Procurement & Logistics, and Finance teams in the Duhok Office. The Operations Manager will ensure the smooth functioning of all day-to-day operations and ensure adherence to SEED’s policies and procedures. S/He will oversee the timely arrangement of logistics, procurement, administration and finance to all the staff and directly manage the Procurement and Logistics Coordinator, Finance Officer and Admin Officer in the Duhok office. guards and cleaners in the Duhok office. The Operations Manager will work closely with the Duhok Head of Office and SEED’s Operations Director to plan for and implement smooth operations of the different locations in Duhok. S/He will report to the Head of Office based in Duhok and the Director of Operations based in HQ.

Specific Tasks:

Administration (30%) ● Oversee and ensure the functionality of the office and ensure proper implementation of office policies and procedures. ● Ensure the operational needs of the different Duhok locations are met, including office and security equipment and supplies. ● Oversee the maintenance of office policy and procedure manuals. ● Oversee the maintenance of facilities, buildings and logistics. ● Oversee the administration of short-term insurance, contracts, leases and rental agreements. ● Oversee the management and control of all office assets through proper documentation and update to the inventory lists. ● Oversee the maintenance technicians in ensuring good care of all buildings and facilities. ● Oversee the effective and efficient running of all administrative operations. ● Work closely with HQ to ensure visa requirements are met and in a timely fashion, and oversee the residency requirements for the expat staff in Duhok. ● Carry out any other administration tasks as required. Logistics (10%) ● Ensure the timely availability of vehicles. ● Oversee and ensure the maintenance of vehicle log books. ● Oversee and ensure the timely booking of hotels for guests and venues for events, and associated payments. ● Problem-solves as needed, flags and manages bottlenecks. ● Preparing, scheduling and managing logistic tasks for organization activities. ● Oversee the visa process for trainees, visiting consultants and expatriate staff members. ● Manage the procurement contracts, insurance and travel clearances. ● Ensure any other logistics arrangements at field level as required. Procurement (20%) ● Prepare procurement plans based on program needs and ensure proper implementation. ● Supports the procurement process in liaison HQ and with finance. ● Timely initiation of procurement in compliance with SEED and donor procurement guidelines. ● Ensure proper record keeping of all procurement related matters. ● Management of petty cash, support in cash payments and record keeping, including purchase orders, invoices etc. ● Ensure provision of efficient and compliant procurement and logistical services. ● Manage relationships with key operations suppliers and vendors. ● Procure goods and services for the office within budget at competitive rates, quality, and terms and in compliance with SEED's Procurement policies. ● Establish vendor contracts in coordination with HQ. ● Ensure timely payment to the vendors. Finance (10%) ● Ensure proper and timely payments to clients and vendors in coordination with HQ ● Review documents and make sure that everything is in line with SEED’s procedures prior to signing by head-of-office and submission to HQ. Organizational Leadership (30%) ● Support the Duhok Head-of-Office as directed. ● Responsible for day-to-day office operations. ● Contribute to the development and implementation of organizational strategies, policies, and practices for the Duhok locations. ● Perform field visits to the different locations to ensure needs are met and proper implementation of policies and procedures. ● Ensure all legal and regulatory documents are filed, and monitor compliance with SEED rules and regulations as well as local laws. ● Maintain and monitor office registration in Duhok and ensure legal requirements are fulfilled. ● Coordinate with the SEED relations functions, including registration, tax filings, visas, and other operational and compliance matters. ● Work with the Director of Operations, and donors to assess all local rules and regulations, including financial policies, that apply to all projects and all grantees and establish necessary internal procedures and policies for compliance. Perform other duties as necessary, and as assigned by the supervisor. Key Values • Serve as a positive role model and SEED ambassador at all times. • Treat all people with respect regardless of age, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, disability status, marital status and ethnicity. • Work collaboratively with all colleagues. • Maintain a positive, cooperative attitude.

TO Apply:

● Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications HERE please. ● Only completed applications will be reviewed. NO CALLS PLEASE. ● Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Essential criteria:

● Masters or Bachelor’s degree in finance, HR, management, or other relevant degree ● Three to Five years of experience in management and operations. ● Strong belief in human rights and gender equality ● Excellent interpersonal skills, diplomacy, and persuasion skills ● Strong ability to work independently, including the ability to multitask, prioritize competing tasks, and manage time effectively ● High standard of spoken and written English; Arabic and/or Kurdish a plus ● Excellent computer skills ● Ability to work in a stressful setting and adapt quickly to changing environments